About Us

About Us

We are a group of prelicensure Nurse Educators from different colleges who have taught NCLEX Live Reviews classes nationwide.

We came together to achieve one goal - to make NCLEX® Review Lectures more affordable for our students

We noticed online and video NCLEX® review courses cost between $300 and $500. Many of our students just could not afford these prices, even though we all know that the NCLEX® is the MOST important exam they will ever take in their nursing career.

Teaching is a calling! So, we asked our students what they could afford, and they said $50.

A full NCLEX Live Review covering Medical-Surgical, Pediatrics, Maternal-Newborn and Psychiatric Nursing for $50!?! Hmmm

The challenge was on. Our goal: to reproduce our high quality NCLEX Boot Camp lecture covering NCLEX core concepts in Medical-Surgical, Pediatrics, Maternal Newborn and Psychiatric Nursing for $50. And we did it!

NKLEX Masters the most affordable High Quality Comprehensive NCLEX Bootcamp and Question Bank was born.

We created amazing lecture videos, an impressive Question bank, readiness exam and our students began to pass the NCLEX at an amazing rate.

We decided to take our NCLEX Bootcamps nationwide and into Canada. We are proud to say the results were outstanding.

Students we have a request. Please help us keep the costs low at $50 for future student nurses. Do not share your password with anyone. Thank you.